A Joyful birth

Martha Testerman
CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator,
CAPPA Certified Labor Doula,
and Birth Assistant

Providing doula, childbirth education, and birth assistant services in the central New Hampshire region.

my Story

Hi!  I’m Martha (pictured here with one of the babies I’ve been privileged to help into this world), and since 1998 I have been committed to making childbirth a joyful experience for all involved – Mom, Dad, siblings, relatives, friends, and (most importantly) new babies!  I now live in central New Hampshire, where I continue to do the work I love throughout the area!

I would love to provide additional information and/or discuss any questions, thoughts, or dreams you might have about my services, classes, or pregnancy and childbirth in general.  The best way to start this conversation is by e-mail.

About Me What I Do

Services I provide

Labor doula

Helping and coaching parents to experience a joyful birth

childbirth classes

Teaching expectant parents what to expect and how to prepare for a joyful birth

birth assistant

Working with your birth team to help you have a joyful birth

About Me

I Believe…

…that birth is an incredibly empowering event in a woman’s life.  Her body and her baby are uniquely designed to accomplish birth, working together as a team.  With education, guidance, and support, women should be encouraged to tune in to the wisdom of their own bodies, listening and following where it leads. Every woman and family have individual needs and desires for their births and it is my passion that they are supported in whatever choices are right for them so that they are able to celebrate and have a unique, wonderful, and joyful birth experience.

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