About Me

My husband, Pat, and I have had three children in three very different settings – one in a hospital with a doctor, another in a hospital with a midwife, and our third at home with a midwife – all wonderfully different births with joyful memories.

During that first birth experience (and the pregnancy leading up to it), we became committed to the idea that birth is not something to be feared but embraced, and that it can be an amazing journey for all involved in it.

We have carried this love of childbirth and families throughout our travels, teaching and working with moms and dads both in the United States and in Europe, and have experienced all sorts of settings.  Whether the birth is in a hospital, birth center, home, or elsewhere, and whether it is “natural,” assisted, or caesarean, a few things remain constant – love, joy, and hope!

I believe that birth is an incredibly empowering event in a woman’s life.  Her body and her baby are uniquely designed to accomplish birth, working together as a team.  With education, guidance, and support, women should be encouraged to tune in to the wisdom of their own bodies, listening and following where it leads. Every woman and family have individual needs and desires for their births and it is my passion that they are supported in whatever choices are right for them so that they are able to celebrate and have a unique, wonderful, and joyful birth experience.

Whether or not you chose to engage me for services, I hope that your journey is one that you (and your family) can look back on with fond memories – and that you truly can say you had “A Joyful Birth.”

© A Joyful Birth 2013